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Partnership and sponsorship of Wild&Slow will deliver on Sustainability, Community and Education.

Numerous bodies, including the TASTE Council, have in their recent submissions to Agri-Harvest 2020 and The Dept. of Environments Green Public Procurement noted the study by the New Economics Foundation in London which found that every 10 units spent at a local food business is worth 25 units for the local area, compared with just 14 units when the same amount is spent in a supermarket.  That is, a Euro spent locally generates more than twice as much income for the local economy. The community benefit of local food sourcing should be taken as a serious consideration.

SlowFood has, since its inception been careful choosing its Partners and its ethos of ‘Good, Clean and Fair’ has always been protected. SlowFoods banner logo also clearly underlines its mission statement.

It is with the above in mind that we will be inviting various Bodies, Organisations and Companies that fulfil these criteria to become ideal Partners for this exciting Project.

The benefits to SlowFood and its members and the general public through education, promotion and protection in a good, clean and fair way should equal the benefits received by any of its Partners. We will appreciate these various Bodies and Companies commitment to the self-same ethos, as SlowFood, and would understand their desire to be aligned with similar bodies.

Connection with Wild&Slow can only add substantial benefit to both partners. By its nature, also, Wild&Slow is also highly attractive to Media-Partners to engage with and thus copper-fasten and highlight any relationship.

Of course, it goes without saying, that any endeavours that are undertaken by SlowFood International, SlowFood Ireland or Wild&Slow are totally non-for-profit.

SlowFood internationally hosts a series of global events centring on the protection of our foods, our food sourcing and food production on an annual and bi-annual basis. It is committed to the protection of traditional food production with its Presidia and Ark of Taste. SlowFood is also fully committed to the education of its 100,000 members regarding this, as well as through the unique University of Gastronomic Sciences that it founded in 2004.


Terra Madre

Terra Madre is an international network of over 7,000 food producers, cooks, and university educators. Every two years, network delegates come together to discuss global food sustainability issues. The last Terra Madre took place in the autumn of 2010. Visit Site.


Salone del Gusto

In October of every even-numbered year small-scale food producers from all over the world come to Turin, Italy to showcase their products to more than 150,000 people. Visitors taste presidia products and cuisines from nearly every continent and participate in taste workshops. Visit Site.


Slow Fish

First held in the city of Genoa in 2004, this biennial sustainable seafood exhibition attracts 55,000 people and brings together fishers, processors, researchers, government agencies and consumers to explore ways to combat the depletion of our fish stocks and enjoy seafood responsibly. Visit Site.



Held in Bra, Italy, this biennial event is the leading international festival for artisan cheese producers. The world’s most renowned artisans, affineurs, cheesemongers and shepherds come to present their cheeses to over 160,000 visitors (of which 50,000 came from abroad) and host taste workshops. Visit Site.


Ark of Taste & Presidia

Overseen by the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity, the Ark of Taste is a catalogue of hundreds of extraordinary products from around the world. Presidia are small projects to assist groups of artisanal producers worldwide. Visit Site.


University of Gastronomic Sciences

UNISG was founded in 2004 to bring academic strength to the field of food studies and create a new definition of gastronomy. Four programs combine humanities, science, and sensory training for a multi-experiential understanding of food production. Visit Site.