Wild&Slow is a celebration of all that is wild and naturally available in The Garden of Ireland.

  • It educates and provides a reason, throughout the growing year, for people of all ages, community based organisations, groups and clubs to gather and preserve, in a traditional manner, the naturally available wild herbs, leaves, berries, nuts and mushrooms.
  • It provides a forum for the struggling day fishing harbours of Ireland to truly showcase what day-caught fresh wild fish caught in season should look and taste like.
  • And it celebrates Wicklow’s and Irelands natural abundance of wild game that is available at that time of year.

The list of those that would benefit from involvement in this community and education based Food Festival is broad but should include:

  • Macra na Feirme and The IFA education and information of the bountiful harvest of wild foods available on the 10% of their land that has been allowed to grow wild after 21 years of Set-Aside and 15 Years of REPS.
  • Secondary School T.Y. continuous and on going education through the year on how to find, how to harvest and how to preserve the wild foods that are available around their County.
  • Cookery Schools and Third Level Culinary how to find, how to harvest, how to preserve and how to cook with wild foods.
  • Foroige, The Scouting Associations and Girl Guides a project that reaffirms and fits perfectly with their ethos of using and respecting all that is available from nature.
  • Eurotoques and Chefs understanding that wild foods do not appear as often as they should on Irish menus, a chance to procure these at a premier festival dedicated to wild foods.
  • Failte Ireland, The Food Writers Guild an opportunity to promote and write about a uniquely Irish style of Food Tourism.
  • Teagasc and Dept of Ag. albeit labour intensive, (maybe not bad in this climate!) education for farmers on how to reap the benefits of REPS, their hedgerows and Food Tourism.
  • Bord Bia and BIM an opportunity to radically expand the concept of Ireland ‘The Food Island’ and a reason to highlight day-only fishing boats as an individual brand and a sustainable way forward.
  • ICA and Old Folks Associations a unique reason to disseminate the inherited knowledge on how to gather preserve and cook the wild foods that are freely available to new generations.


Wild&Slow2016 invite all to participate. Simply email your details to and we’ll get back to you with the information that you require.